Recording Studio

Discover the endless possibilities of audio creativity at our recording studio, where you can bring your projects to life in an inspiring and collaborative environment.

Sound Treated

Experience the art of sound treatment, where we meticulously refine and polish your recordings to achieve crystal-clear audio quality.

Green Screen

Step into a world of visual storytelling possibilities at Community Forge's green screen studio, where your creativity knows no limits as you craft immersive narratives and stunning visuals.


Transform your ideas into polished masterpieces at Community Forge's Creative Studio, where you'll have access to the professional-grade tools needed for graphic design, video editing, and more.

Professional Headshots

Enhance your image with professional headshots that capture your confidence and character.

Video Editing

Take your video content to the next level by entrusting our team of expert editors to transform your raw footage into captivating stories that resonate with your audience.

Xavier Johnson

Loco Lyfe

“The phase focus studio is an essential in element in what we do for Loco. No other place in the city has the resources and the support that Community Forge and the staff offer!”

Canaan Blackwell

Loco Lyfe

“I really enjoy using the phase focus studio! It has helped us grow our brand Loco Lyfe. The team at CF is amazing and always willing to help!”

Jasmine Mao

The Pop District

Working with the Community Forge staff, specifically Arturo and Amil, in their Phase Focus studio was an incredibly easy, collaborative and generative experience. In spring of 2022, I was tasked with recording and conducting podcast-style interviews with local Black entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs of color who have completed incubator programs with one of the E3 Alliance organizations. After Arturo generously taught me how to use all of the audio recording equipment and software, I felt supported and confident in executing the interview project and completed a total of seven 30-minute interviews. Thank you, Community Forge!

Learn more about PHase Focus Studios

Email to learn how you can access the multi-media studio.