Bridging the gaps one community at a time

The Cure Violence East team consists of community residents with lived experiences from Wilkinsburg, Homewood, Penn Hills and East Hills who are working daily to interrupt violence.



A public health approach to reducing gun violence, seeking to identify the root causes and intervene before violence starts Address issues such as poverty, systemic racism, and a lack of educational opportunities that contribute to gun violence Work directly with victims, families, and the surrounding community to provide direct support to those affected by gun violence.

What do we do?

Detect and interrupt potentially violent conflicts.
Identify and treat highest risk.
Mobilize the community to change norms.


Impacting Eastern Allegheny County by decreasing residents' risk of losing loved ones to gun violence.


Using a rigorous, scientific, and data-driven approach, significantly reducing violence in Wilkinsburg, Homewood, Penn Hills, and East Hills.

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